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The RealSimGear FAA Approved Cessna BATD is a realistic, self contained flight simulation system for flight school use. Per the terms of certification, the RealSimGear allows for:

The simulator can also be used to become proficient in the use of a G1000 as well as getting comfortable with flight control manipulation without the cost of fuel. $55 per hour. Requires a checkout in the proper use of the system from an approved flight instructor.

2017 Bristell NG5 LSA

2018 Bristell NG5 LSA

2020 Bristell NG5 LSA

1975 Cessna 172M

N5256H 1975 172M

1999 Cessna 172S

2007 Cessna 172S (G1000)

1961 Piper Cherokee

1976 Cessna 150M

1979 Cessna 172N

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