Our Team

Dale Crigger

U.S. Navy / Pilot and Owner of Kentucky Flight Training Center

Ever since Dale was a young child, he had a passion for flying. He used to have planes hanging from his ceiling, and his mother would take him to the airport and let him sit in the tower and watch planes take off and land.

It wasn’t until he turned 40 that he made the decision to start pursuing his dream. On October 2, 2017, Dale took his first flying lesson.

By mid November he partnered with a friend and bought Whiskey Girl. In July of 2018, his dream of becoming a pilot came true when he passed his private pilot check ride. Dale has his High Performance and Complex endorsement and is currently working on his Instrument and Multi-Engine ratings.

His ultimate goal has now changed and he wishes to get his commercial and flight instructors license so that he may help others achieve their dreams.

Rob Baker

Owner / Public Relations

Rob grew up across the street from Bowman Field and was always fascinated by the aircraft that were constantly flying over his childhood home. He had always aspired to one day become a pilot, but after High School his passion for the guitar became his focus. After successfully spending 35 years in the music business, Covid shut down his industry completely, so he decided to retire and move on to pursue other dreams and passions. Following a Discovery Flight in March of 2020, Rob was introduced to an instructor at Kentucky Flight Training Center and there he earned his Private Pilot Certificate a few months later. Now an Instrument rated pilot, he is currently working on his Commercial Certificate. His plan to be a Flight Instructor is in the very near future! As a proud partner of Kentucky Flight Training Center he is very excited to continue their commitment of excellence and helping others achieve their aviation goals.

Stephen Graham

U.S. Army / Owner / Chief Flight Instructor ATP / CFII / MEI

Stephen grew up in Southern Indiana and obtained his pilot ratings from Vincennes University, a 141 training center, before transferring to Embry Riddle for his Bachelor’s Degree. He has over 8000 total flying hours and has flown for Central Air Southwest, American Eagle, Ameriflight, and currently flies for UPS as a FO on the MD-11

Austin Colliver


Austin is a native of Eastern Kentucky who, after graduating from Georgetown College, decided to pursue a career in aviation. As a CFI, Austin enjoys teaching future aviators how to be proficient and safe in an aircraft.

Cameron Trees


Cameron is native of Louisville, Kentucky and has always shared a passion for aviation. After graduating high school in 2018, Cameron began taking flight lessons where he earned his Private Pilot Certificate at Bowman Field. Shortly after, Cameron attended Eastern Kentucky University where he would earn his Instrument Rating, Commercial Pilot Certificate, and Mulit-Engine Rating. At EKU, he graduated with his B.S. in Aviation. Afterwards, Cameron moved back to Louisville and earned his CFI Certification. Cameron’s end goal is to join the airlines

Cody Robiego


Cody started flying at the age of 30 as a second career after working as a science teacher in El Paso, Texas, and serving in the National Guard as an infantry officer. Cody recently moved to Kentucky with his wife and two boys. Prior to moving to Kentucky, he earned the ratings required to become a CFII. He aims to share all that he has learned with his students while emphasizing safety and creating an enjoyable flight training environment!

Dennis Caple


Dennis grew up in Baltimore, MD. where he was first introduced to aviation by an Air Force JROTC program that he advanced through prior to college. Though he had never considered becoming a pilot, Dennis always had a passion and inclination for mechanical operations & engineering. He decided to pursue his passion at University of Maryland, College Park and finished a degree program in Automotive Technology with Ford Motor Company and ASE Master Certification. Dennis would continue his profession over the next decade as an auto/diesel Senior Master Technician and Foreman, working on everything from secret service vehicles to semis. In more recent years, Dennis considered furthering his career turning wrenches as an A&P mechanic. After speaking with a few aircraft maintenance technicians and airline pilots, he realized his true calling was on the flight deck. He has since utilized the past couple of years, planning his transition to flight and earning his ratings out of Greenville, SC. He now instructs full-time at Bowman Field and looks forward to sharing his passion for systems & aviation safety with his students before moving on to a career with the airlines.

Evan Peele


Evan, with a passion for aviation at a young age, grew up in Southern Indiana surrounded by the beauty of the region. At that time, Evan’s curiosity about the skies above was ignited, setting him on a path towards a remarkable career in aviation. Driven by his dreams, Evan embarked on a journey of knowledge and skill acquisition. At Indiana State University, he dedicated himself to his studies and successfully earned a bachelor’s degree in professional aviation flight technology. This rigorous program equipped him with the necessary expertise to navigate the complex world of aviation with finesse. With his academic foundation firmly in place, Evan quickly soared to new heights, quite literally. As a commercial multi-engine pilot and certified flight instructor, he possesses the invaluable ability to pilot aircraft with utmost precision and efficiency. His impeccable skills in the knowledge and piloting of aircraft have made him a trusted professional in the aviation industry. Evan’s dedication to his craft extends beyond the cockpit. Always eager to expand his knowledge, he stays updated with the latest advancements in aviation technology and safety protocols. His commitment to continuous learning ensures that he remains at the forefront of his field, ready to adapt to any situation that may arise during flight. Not only is Evan an accomplished aviator, but he is also known for his warm and approachable demeanor. His genuine kindness and patience make him a pleasure to work with, both for his colleagues and students alike. Evan’s ability to create a comfortable and secure environment onboard further enhances the flying experience for all. In addition to his professional endeavors, Evan is an avid advocate for aviation education. He actively participates in various initiatives aimed at inspiring the next generation of aviators. By sharing his knowledge and experiences, he hopes to ignite the same passion for flight that once sparked his own journey. Evan’s exceptional skills, unwavering dedication, and genuine personality make him a truly remarkable figure in the world of aviation. With each flight he undertakes, he continues to soar to new heights, leaving an indelible mark on the students he works with.

Jake Wilder

U.S. Air National Guard / CFII / Check Instructor

Josue Guanipa Romero


Josue is from Merida, Venezuela and fell in love with airplanes as a young child and knew that his dream was to become a pilot one day. Josue earned his private pilot certificate through KFTC in 2022 and is now a flight instructor, where he is helping others achieve their dreams in the world of aviation. Josue’s end goal is to fly for a major airline.

Natalie Hill


Natalie Hill learned to fly at the age of 17. She worked as an Air Traffic Controller for over 24 years. Most of her career was based at Louisville Muhammad Ali International Airport (KSDF). After retirement, Natalie earned the ratings required to become a CFII. Natalie is thankful for the privilege to fly and the opportunity to share it with others.

Noah Holdaway


Noah started flying at age 19 at bowman field in a Cessna 150. He completed his private, multi, instrument and commercial training in Wichita Kansas and became a Certified Flight Instructor through KFTC in 2021. Noah enjoys teaching the importance of safety and discipline on every flight. When he is not flying he is usually spending time outdoors and with family

Reece Priebe

Reece grew up in Michigan moving to louisville after high school, taking his first discovery flight he fell in love with aviation and decided to pursue it as a career. He is currently enrolled in Indiana Wesleyan University pursuing a degree in aviation management to further his education. He obtained all of his ratings in the piper archer and Seminole. Reece is excited to share his passion for aviation and help students succeed

Seth Crutchfield


Seth began flying in 2019 between semesters at the University of Kentucky and resumed his training in 2022 after graduating with a degree in business marketing and a minor in graphic design. Seth finished his training in 2023 at ATP and aims to share the joy of flying with his students while emphasizing safety and purposefulness in training.

Sven Schmidt


Sven is a Louisville native who began his flying career at Bowman Field in 2018 and has been hooked on flying ever since. He earned his BS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Louisville’s J.B. Speed School of Engineering in 2019. As an engineer, he approaches flying with a technical and methodical mindset. Sven is a certified flight instructor and is currently pursuing his instrument instructor and multiengine instructor certificates. His goal is to share his love of aviation with others and inspire the next generation of pilots.

Tavares Ellis

U.S. Air Force / CFII

As an accomplished aviator, Tavares has logged over 1,800 hours of dual instruction given as a certified flight instructor. He currently flies for a major airline in the United States. In addition to his flying duties, he enjoys mentoring both rookie and seasoned pilots through ground and flight instruction. With a passion for teaching, he hopes to help develop the next generation of safe and skilled aviators. As a member of OBAP and LPA, he is committed to the outreach of the next group of pilots that will lead the aviation world. Being an Air Force veteran, he brings years of aviation experience, instructing, and mentoring young aviators. Flying remains his true passion, and he enjoys sharing his knowledge and expertise with students as a flight instructor

Tristan Kellogg

CFII / MEI / Check Instructor

Tristan grew up in Prospect, Kentucky and was introduced to aviation around 10 years old by his brother-in-law. Since then, he decided he wanted to become a pilot. In July 2022 he joined ATP flight school in Kansas City, MO. He obtained all of his ratings in the Piper Archer and Seminole. Tristan then joined KFTC as an instructor in May of 2023, instructing in the LSA Bristell and Cessna Skyhawk. He hopes to continue his aviation career with the airlines one day

Jim Yonts

CFI / Check Instructor

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