Our Team

Dale Crigger

Pilot and Owner of Kentucky Flight Training Center

Ever since Dale was a young child, he had a passion for flying. He used to have planes hanging from his ceiling, and his mother would take him to the airport and let him sit in the tower and watch planes take off and land.

It wasn’t until he turned 40 that he made the decision to start pursuing his dream. On October 2, 2017, Dale took his first flying lesson.

By mid November he partnered with a friend and bought Whiskey Girl. In July of 2018, his dream of becoming a pilot came true when he passed his private pilot check ride. Dale has his High Performance and Complex endorsement and is currently working on his Instrument and Multi-Engine ratings.

His ultimate goal has now changed and he wishes to get his commercial and flight instructors license so that he may help others achieve their dreams.

About Us

Kentucky Flight Training Center is a flight training company that prides ourselves on providing quality training at an affordable price.