Airline Pilot Program

Kentucky Flight Training Center Professional Pilot Program

What are the requirements to begin Flight Training?

How much will our Airline Pilot Program Cost?

Zero to Hero

Starting with PPL License

Starting with Inst. Rating

Course Career Progression

Month 3 Private Rating

Month 5 Instrument Rating

Month 10 Comm Multi Pilot

Month 12 Flight Instructor

Month 24 Airline Pilot

Training Commitment Requirements

Professional pilot commercial airline training requires a full-time commitment. You must be available seven days a week. We require student availability five days per calendar week (must be available for four consecutive hours between 6:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m.) and a minimum 20 days per month. Kentucky Flight Training Center strives to provide two days off per week, but flexibility is required due to weather, maintenance, and other factors outside of Kentucky Flight Training Center’s control. Our experience indicates that leaving longer than a week is detrimental to completion rates and tuition costs. Any leave must be approved by Course Managers. We are here to provide you with the greatest opportunity to meet course deadlines and achieve your career goals!

If you are unable to meet these training requirements, we do offer a train at your own pace program custom designed to suit your schedule availability. Contact Us to discuss individual courses training plans.

How does KFTC help make your dreams a reality?

By prioritizing safety and minimizing course completion times, Kentucky Flight Training Center’s Airline Pilot Program allows students to go from zero flight experience to airline pilot in as little as two years. Our expedited Airline Pilot Program can have you flying professionally in one year. We have trained pilots to fly for several airlines. Whether you have had no exposure to pilot training or are coming from another training facility, we offer our students high quality flight training in a new-generation aircraft fleet, preparing you for the aviation careers of your dreams. Financing options to cover flight training and living expenses are available.

With average airline pilot pay exceeding $190,000 a year there is no better time to make your dreams a reality.

Payment Requirements for Cash Students

Initial nonrefundable deposit of $3,000.00 to schedule course.
Day 1 – $19,250
Week 7 – $19,250
Week 14 – $19,250
Week 21 – $19,250

Cancellation Policy

Refunds will be processed within 14 business days. KFTC will refund payments made less on refundable cancellation fee of $3,000.